Hollis Bartlett

Web Design Consultant

The one constant in business, technology and life is change.

I have been designing, developing and consulting on websites and corporate IT technology since 1996. Some of that time was full time, some of it was as a side business. I have learned to perform every task connected to building websites from the very simple to the very complex, including graphic design, user interface, programming, content writing, server design, database integration, you name it. I have physically built web servers environments. I have a ton of experience with Photoshop. I have built hundreds of websites from start to finish.

I'm calling an end to this era, however. The business has changed in many ways, but so have I.

If you're looking for simple, low cost solutions to your small business or organization's needs, there are now tons of good options available out there that don't require my skills. There are tools that will allow you to put out a professional online presence that you can self manage, ecommerce included. What used to be difficult has now become easy and accessible, much like any other technology.

If your needs are beyond that, the simple honest truth is you need someone on staff (possibly a team), or at least a full time business partner to take charge of your online identity and presence. 18 years of experience tells me there are simply too many tasks ongoing to leave it to a subcontractor who is also looking after 40 other clients. Yes, that means you have to budget for that much dedication. Your staff in charge of updating the website, email accounts, server etc. really need to have the proper skills to do so. Trust me on this.

So here is what I now offer

I am no longer a full time freelance web designer. I have other, unrelated employment. I do occasionally take on small projects for those that need help navigating the modern options available. Call me a consultant more than anything. I can design a roadmap for you to get where you need to be. Because of limited time available time, I no longer do the actual setting up of accounts, content input and other related work - but if you need it, I can probably find someone who can.

I also respond to bartering and goodwill, and I don't mind lending a hand to a good cause. Money is not always my motivating factor. Please understand that my time is limited, however.

If you feel you needs are greater, and you need someone full time (either permanent or contract), you can ask me about that as well - I'll give consideration to any decent opportunity of course. Even if it isn't me you're considering. I can help assess your needs and assist in qualifying the right person.

If you're wondering where I am, I'm located in the St. Stephen / St. Andrews area of New Brunswick, Canada.